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Mike van Atta: I Have Stood on the Wing of an Airplane

                                 Mike van Atta
I am interested in research into how healers heal. In healing cancer by changing the mind deliberately producing a recovery function. A complete biological spontaneous remission. Prayer research. Making alchemical change in diet to resolve medical issues.

For those of you who don't know him, I would like to introduce you to Mike van Atta. Mike van Atta is an accomplished former military intelligence officer and remote viewer. I was doing a demonstration of remote viewing at a workshop in Golden, Colorado, when Mike, who I had not met before, pointed out to my monitor Pauline that I was INSIDE the engine of the airplane, and that's why my viewing ...didn't seem to make a lot of sense. Pauline moved me OUTSIDE the airplane, and it was clear I had a direct hit. Mike shared with us that he can get deep enough within the remote viewing experience so that he can actually stand on an airplane wing.

Mike van Atta is a Reiki Master, a healer, and a remote viewer

He was a former Army Ranger, winning two Bronze Stars for valor.  While he was in the Army, he noticed that his ability to foresee future events led directly to his ability to save the lives of others.  This is not unusual.  In my 20 year study of law enforcement, prison guards and military personnel, I have found that out of body experiences and the ability to see the future are commonplace.  Unlike civilians who have the same experiences, these men and women speak of these events as if they are no different than any other experiences they have, and act upon them quickly to save their own lives and the lives of others.  Mike then trained as a remote viewer and a Reiki Master, came down with cancer and helped to shrink his own tumor.  Even more importantly, he told me, is that he used his energy healing abilities to be able to survive the high doses of chemotherapy needed at times for his treatment.
Since then he has unselfishly shared his abilities with others.
Lance William Beem and Extraordinary Psychic Debra Katz

I have always appreciated Mike because he is a man of science, a right brained savant's approach to collecting and categorizing scientific data.  Whatever the topic at hand, he will reach into his briefcase and pull out the appropriate article, or declassified paper, on the topic.
In February of 2009, I asked Mike and his wife Susan to host what turned out to be an extraordinary weekend teaching controlled remote viewing.  Attending were Lance William Beem, Debra Katz, Pauline Morse, and myself.  All of us have since gone on to achieve extraordinary accomplishments in the science and practice of remote viewing.  We can directly attribute it to that weekend.  The accomplishment I am most proud of is that I prodded, cajoled, nagged, interrupted, provoked and generally made myself obnoxious in a way that only I can get away with, to get Mike and Susan to write their book:  Controlled Remote Viewing For Scientific Investigations  (Click here for info on how to order, you will have to email them)

This is a very important manual, one of its kind. It will become more important as the years go by.
The Military Intelligence agencies developed a protocol known as Controlled Remote Viewing. Regardless of the controversies over how it... came to be, it's Scientologist origins, and whether or not every facet of it is necessary for successful remote viewing, the solid core reality is that it works. Military remote viewers have been awarded the highest non-combat honors our government awards including citations from two US Presidents. It works. They can and have located and defused suitcase bombs in airports, with their minds.

It was tediously refined over the years according to what worked and what didn't. Virtually anyone, if they follow the protocol, can have the life altering paradigm shattering experience of highly accurate accessing detailed information from a "target" hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The Stanford Research Institute Controlled Remote Viewing manual is available for free. It is, however, dense and unreadable. Or you can take one of several excellent courses by Lori Williams, Paul H Smith PhD, and Lyn Buchanan among others, at considerable (yet worthwhile) expense. They will give you their version of the manual, as part of such courses.

Or you can read Mike can Atta's manual for $35! Comprehensive! Blends several different disciples very coherently! Easy to read and follow. He teaches you, in simple and understandable terms, how to reach into "the mind of the all" and return with information that you can then validate by ordinary means. You have the experience of nothing less than having a conversation with God.

There is no better way to learn about your own intuition and how you best relate to this reality than learning to interact with "the mind of the all" in a controlled manner. You will soon learn to differentiate your own fears and anxieties from true inspiration from the divine.

The exceptionally high standards and performance level of the military remote viewers is slowly dying out. Less than a few hundred persons can "stand on the wing of an airplane" as Mike van Atta can. Their skill level is being diluted out by weekend workshops and lessor talents claiming the same knowledge. As this process continues, Mike van Atta's manual will be increasingly understood as a resting place of a sacred flame of knowledge.


He was the project manager of our successful project to remote view the tobacco mosaic virus in tomato plants. This is an important project as we had some viewers score as high as 93% accuracy by combining their viewings with the results of associated effects on a true random number generator. We choose the Tobacco Mosaic Virus because of similarities between it and the human AIDS virus. As we improve our protocols, if we could reliably be accurate to the 90% range, it would have enormous implications for the billion dollar a year decision of how long to treat AIDS patients. As it stands today, we do not have reliable tests for determining when the body is free from the AIDS virus and when it is simply dormant.  Here is a video of Pauline and I working on the viral project:

It was this study that we were able to score computer genius and Homeland Security expert Shellee Hale as 85% accurate simply by her responses, associated responses to a true random number generator, and a monitor's detailed observations of unconscious "tells" that often accompany true contact with non local reality. This was a particularly difficult test we gave her, in that she was expected to either score the unknown target as "the virus", "the virus in a plant" or "the plant free of virus". So she was 85% accurate in a situation where chance would be 33%!

Mike and I at the 2009 IRVA Conference:

That year I spoke on my realization that children who had near death experiences were describing the same experience that the remote viewers were experiencing.  I learned that Remote Viewing is a window into the near death experience.  However, for the first time we received feedback on our proposed viral study.  It was thrilling to have remote viewing experts such as Dale Graff and Russell Targ give us input into our study.  I have submitted a paper on our results to Nature, to try to be like my hero Russell Targ, who published the seminal article on remote viewing in Nature over 30 years ago.  I think it's a riot when I hear or read skeptical comments that there is no scientific proof of remote viewing.  Uh Hello!  Once you have published your findings in Nature, it is game over!

Melvin Morse MD and Dale Graff PhD
Mike van Atta, Russell Targ, Roger Nelson, Debra Katz
Everyone from that magical weekend went on to accomplish something special in remote viewing, all inspired by Mike van Atta.  Lance Williams Beem, Debra Katz and I went on to win the Warcollier Research Award for 2011 from IRVA.  Lance founded the Keri Beem Research Foundation and joined the Board of Directors of the International Association of Near Death Studies.  Debra Katz created an entirely new type of remote viewing.  She trained as an Advanced Controlled Remote Viewer and developed the video-ideogram approach to remote viewing.  I went to to head the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, founded by Charles Tart in 1979.  Mike still is in the trenches, inspiring another generation of healers and researchers.
Hanging out with my personal heroes, Russell Targ and his wife
and my mentor and friend John Alexander

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