Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lyn Buchanan: Basic Concepts of CRV

 Practice mode, Training Mode by yourself, Training Mode with a Monitor and Operations Mode

Posted on by Melvin Morse
For most of us, Lyn Buchanan requires no introduction. He is one of the original Army “Psychic Spies” and was featured in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats. He was the trainer for the controlled remote viewing (CRV) unit. Although he loves to describe his career and persona “not bad for an Army Sergeant”, in fact Lyn Buchanan has a Masters in Linguistic Psychology, is a MENSA member, and is proficient in many languages including Mongolian, Japanese and Russian. He served as one of a few Russian Scientific Research Linguists. He is also an astonishing artist, here is but one example of his work.
Art by Lyn Buchanan This is a S'Poan Temple
Lyn Buchanan: S’Poan Temple
Lyn Buchanan is an outstanding CRV teacher. There are five remote viewing teachers I recommend:

1) Paul H Smith PhD. Take Paul’s course if you want a grueling, highly disciplined challenge. As one of my fellow students said about Dr. Smith’s course: it was like taking a year of CRV in a week