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Lyn Buchanan: Basic Concepts of CRV

 Practice mode, Training Mode by yourself, Training Mode with a Monitor and Operations Mode

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For most of us, Lyn Buchanan requires no introduction. He is one of the original Army “Psychic Spies” and was featured in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats. He was the trainer for the controlled remote viewing (CRV) unit. Although he loves to describe his career and persona “not bad for an Army Sergeant”, in fact Lyn Buchanan has a Masters in Linguistic Psychology, is a MENSA member, and is proficient in many languages including Mongolian, Japanese and Russian. He served as one of a few Russian Scientific Research Linguists. He is also an astonishing artist, here is but one example of his work.
Art by Lyn Buchanan This is a S'Poan Temple
Lyn Buchanan: S’Poan Temple
Lyn Buchanan is an outstanding CRV teacher. There are five remote viewing teachers I recommend:

1) Paul H Smith PhD. Take Paul’s course if you want a grueling, highly disciplined challenge. As one of my fellow students said about Dr. Smith’s course: it was like taking a year of CRV in a week

2) Lyn Buchanan’s course has all the discipline and rigor of Dr. Smith’s course, but is far more user friendly. Psychics, mediums, people who already are right brain based will thrive in his course. 

3) Stephan Schwartz He does not teach CRV and has a famous antipathy for it. He teaches a simple yet powerful direct connection to the divine (or all knowledge informational domain as he calls it).

4) Lori Williams: She is an energy healer, medium, and outstanding remote viewing.  She trained with Lyn Buchanan and is one of a very few if any others that he certifies as teaching the real deal.  She taught our energy healing group to remote view one weekend, and it is a weekend I will never forget.

5) Angela Thompson Smith:  I haven't ever taken her courses but I am looking forward to doing so.  However, she remote viewed several research projects of mine.  She is an outstanding viewer.  For example, in the study of remote viewing viruses in plants, she was correct 18/20 attempts.  She is a wonderful person, has a deep knowledge of remote viewing.  I think her course must be outstanding as she emphasizes CRV and its relationship to developing our own intuition, something that is missing in the other courses. (of course all the above trainers refer to intuition somewhat, what I mean is Angela has a particular gift and ability to link remote viewing and intuition.)

Lyn Buchanan: Art Exhibit

The following is Lyn Buchanan’s reply to on-line questions on how much do we need to worry about frontloading, polluting sessions, and operational feedback:
“Everyone is so afraid of pollution that they forget that working in the real world will almost always carry pollution with it. The police don’t tell you anything about a case,
but you still know that it is a police case. Most of the time, when
you are working a real-world session, the customer will pollute you
with so much information that it’s amazing you can do any viewing at
all… but still, you do, and still, it works.
Listen… this whole “double-blind” stuff comes from the people who
work in research mode. To remind everyone, there are four modes to
CRV work…1) Research mode,

2)Training mode,
 3)Practice mode, and
4)Operations mode.

The people who work in research can’t seem to understand that there is a messy world outside their lab walls, and so they believe that everything has to be done their
squeaky-clean way. Well, in the other modes, it doesn’t.

In Training mode, you want the monitor to know what the target is so he/she can learn to
“read” the viewer’s micro-movements, habits, etc. It trains the monitor to
better understand when the viewer is going into AOL, building castles,
In practice mode, if you’re lucky enough to have a constant monitor,
you start out the same way – with the monitor knowing what the target
is. As the monitor learns everything about reading the viewer, then
you start weaning the monitor of the knowledge of what the target
is. The pair slowly build a relationship that is such that the monitor can know when the viewer is on target, off target, using symbology, building castles, etc., without ever needing to see the practice target. When you have a pair working together like that, you have an unstoppable team. It starts with the monitor being totally aware of the target, and ends with what would seem like “double-blind”. Once that is achieved successfully, it is then the
duty of the monitor to slowly begin introducing pollution into the session, in order to train the viewer to work operationally.
Computer Art by Lyn Buchanan
Lyn Buchanan: Arrival
In training and early practice modes, if you have a monitor, you can
have “double-blind tasking”, but in reality, you can’t have double-blind session.
The whole idea of “double-blind” is to keep what’s in the monitor’s mind from polluting the session. But in actual practice, the viewer says something like, “tall, cementy,
grey” and the monitor thinks, “Oh! It’s a building!” From that point on, what’s in the monitor’s mind pollutes the session. The purpose of teaching the monitor to read the viewer during practice mode is to get the monitor so confident in the viewer’s abilities
that he/she no longer feels the need to identify the target. AOLs happen with the monitor, too, and that has to be trained out of the monitor.

Lyn Buchanan
In operations mode, you rarely have the luxury of doing an unpolluted
session. The customer needs the answer right now, and having you mentally wander
about a site describing the water, then the land, then …. whatever… is a luxury that just doesn’t exist any more. Even clean frontloading, (like, “The target is an activity”)
that would stop the more wimpy viewers in their tracks will be a thing of the past. The customer may tell you something like, “We know that a shipment of drugs is coming across the border this month. Tell us where and when.” In such a case, you have to work
polluted. The question is whether or not you can can be a tough enough viewer to go ahead and do it, or will you simply throw up your hands and quit? If you have to have a squeaky-clean situation in order to remote view and can’t work through a little pollution, then truthfully, you’d be better off taking up basket-weaving as a hobby. Operational viewing may not be for you.The question is not whether you can have a squeaky-clean and totally
unpolluted double-blind situation for a viewer. That’s for the lab guys. For those of us who hope to work in the very messy real world, the question is whether or not you can work through pollution to find the unknown.
The world is a tough place. You have to be tough, too. I hope this helps.”
Yes it does help, and thank you Lyn Buchanan. The concept that spiritual and psychical abilities require considerable mental toughness is often overlooked in the New Age approach to spirituality. In my own working with energy healers and psychics, I often quote Lyn Buchanan to them.

Paul O’connor, in his videos makes precisely the same point. He states that far too often we have assumptions that we cannot remote view because we don’t have a special pen, or don’t have the right monitor, etc. Click here and scroll to bottom of page to find his Utube Videos

Lyn Buchanan is author of The Seventh Sense: Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychic Spy for the US Military Click here for amazon books This is one of the core books for understanding remote viewing.


  1. Does anyone ever CRV the location of someone recently transitioned (died)?

  2. Hi August, I am eventually going to blog an answer. In brief, yes.
    1. Remote viewing, mediumship, past life memories etc are all simply different names for accessing information from the all information all knowledge timeless spaceless domain AKA "the BIG GUY", or as the children I interviewed said "god". So by this definition, mediums are remote viewing, or remote viewers are mediumsing, or whatever!
    2. As you know, Pauline and I "remote viewed" something for you that mediums also mediumed for you!
    3. Mike van Atta, of Sacred Mountain Sanctuary routinely remote views targets as you describe.
    4. In Lyn Buchanan's book, Seventh Sense, he describes using remote viewing to accompany people while they die.
    5. Our group here in Delaware, the CARING USERS energy healing group recently remote viewed someones near death experience.
    6. The real question is "will the detailed protocol of CRV, now used for military intelligence, law enforcement, finding lost children and similar purposes be useful when adapted to mediumship and energy healing. That is what our group is working on right now.

    (By the way, do you know anyone with 10 grand who would like to underwrite a workshop we are planning? If not, put it out there as an intent as we kind of need it)