Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cult of Dusty's Take on Near Death Experiences

The Cult of Dusty's Take on Near Death Experiences
The Logic is Sound, the Facts are Wrong

I was asked to comment on this hilarious YouTube video by the Cult of Dusty.  Here is Dusty's website, one of the funniest and no nonsense approaches to spirituality and religion I have seen.  If it offends you, consider this, just about everyone I know who has had a near death experience thinks his website in general and the video in particular is a scream. (Please note, lot's of F bombs, please do not go to this video or his website if constantly repeated foul language offends you, or saying the F word five times in the average sentence is upsetting to you.)  Click Here for website

Here is the video: 


We need a new form of skepticism, and Dusty is right on in his general understanding of neuroscience, memory, and perception.  I love the line that we have enough trouble remembering things with a normal functioning brain, so why do we trust the memories of an oxygen deprived almost dead brain.  He goes right to the heart of the issue.  Implicit in his lecture on NDEs is an understanding that our brain creates this reality, so we should not be confused upon hearing it creates a different reality when we die.

It is hilarious. Also one of the most coherent and thoughtful critiques of the concept that near death experiences are "real". He accurately points out that the brain creates experience, eye witness testimony cannot be relied upon, and ...IN THEORY an oxygen starved brain should not produce reliable memories.

However there are two errors the author makes:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mike van Atta: I Have Stood on the Wing of an Airplane

                                 Mike van Atta
I am interested in research into how healers heal. In healing cancer by changing the mind deliberately producing a recovery function. A complete biological spontaneous remission. Prayer research. Making alchemical change in diet to resolve medical issues.

For those of you who don't know him, I would like to introduce you to Mike van Atta. Mike van Atta is an accomplished former military intelligence officer and remote viewer. I was doing a demonstration of remote viewing at a workshop in Golden, Colorado, when Mike, who I had not met before, pointed out to my monitor Pauline that I was INSIDE the engine of the airplane, and that's why my viewing ...didn't seem to make a lot of sense. Pauline moved me OUTSIDE the airplane, and it was clear I had a direct hit. Mike shared with us that he can get deep enough within the remote viewing experience so that he can actually stand on an airplane wing.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spiritual Realities are Real: Science Says So

A Paradigm Is Dead: Long Live the New Paradigm: Science and Spirit Re-united in the 21st Century
Consciousness > Information > Laws of Physics > Material Reality
Melvin L Morse MD FAAP John Peter Thompson

“You are what you know. Fifteenth Century Europeans “knew” that the sky consisted of closed concentric spheres rotating around a central Earth, carrying the stars and the planets. That knowledge structured everything they did and thought because it told them the truth. Then Galileo’s telescope changed the truth” James Burke in The Day the Universe Changed

Which came first? brain or consciousness?
      Recent scientific advances in Neuroscience and Information Theory have triggered a profound paradigm shift that is currently rippling through science and society. It is the long waited reunion of Science and Spirituality. The New Paradigm embraces consciousness as a primal component of the Universe, no less than the mathematical laws which are also embedded in it. Like prior paradigm shifts, “Consciousness Comes First” does not overthrow our current knowledge of material reality. It simply adds a deeper level of understanding, that our Universe is made of “Vital Dust” as Nobel Laureate Christian De Duve described it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Consciousness and Nonlocality: A New Theory

The Ecosystem of Consciousness: A Scientific Explanation for the Near Death Experience

A Scientific Explanation for the Near Death Experience and Other Nonlocal Experiences

One barrier to understanding non local phenomena such as near death experiences and remote viewing is that we do not, as yet, have a comprehensive scientific model for such experiences. At the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, this is one of our priorities.
John Peter Thompson and I have developed such a model and are in the process of having it peer reviewed and sent out for publication in the scientific literature. First stop, Nature!

We need your help.

We recently posted a YouTube video discussing the new theory.

Here are the scientific references that are the basis of the video. If you know of better ones, please email me through <>; the same for any corrections, improvements, problems with the theory etc. Let the scathing and cleansing fires of peer review begin even before the scientific peer review.