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Consciousness and Nonlocality: A New Theory

The Ecosystem of Consciousness: A Scientific Explanation for the Near Death Experience

A Scientific Explanation for the Near Death Experience and Other Nonlocal Experiences

One barrier to understanding non local phenomena such as near death experiences and remote viewing is that we do not, as yet, have a comprehensive scientific model for such experiences. At the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, this is one of our priorities.
John Peter Thompson and I have developed such a model and are in the process of having it peer reviewed and sent out for publication in the scientific literature. First stop, Nature!

We need your help.

We recently posted a YouTube video discussing the new theory.

Here are the scientific references that are the basis of the video. If you know of better ones, please email me through <>; the same for any corrections, improvements, problems with the theory etc. Let the scathing and cleansing fires of peer review begin even before the scientific peer review.

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